Our Mission

Bailey Hall is a professionally equipped cultural venue on the central campus of Broward College. It's mission is to serve as a laboratory setting for students in music, theatre, and dance; to be a vital source of cultural engagement for all Broward College students; and to be a high-profile outreach arm of the college to its surrounding communities.

World-Class Performances

Performances at Bailey Hall represent a unique blend of hip, smart, engaging, and authentic programming. In addition, we are committed to honoring the many cultures of South Florida with our offerings.

Laboratory Environment

Broward College students are given the opportunity to use Bailey Hall for performances and concerts. Access to a world-class stage with specialized technical support develops students' abilities and techniques while providing a platform for expression and artistic development. Visiting professionals in music, dance, and theater enrich our curriculum by creating workshops and master classes for our students.

Vital Education Outreach

Bailey Hall serves as a valuable educational resource for local school networks. We present shows that directly support state educational standards for curricula in music, theater, language studies, dance, and even science.