Eliane Elias

"Elias' strengths as a jazz artist, combined with her roots in São Paulo, make her one of the most impressive interpreters of jazz-linked bossa novas, sambas, and chorus."

- The Los Angeles Times

About This Show

The incomparable artistry of pianist, singer, composer and arranger Eliane Elias will take you through a Brazillian journey where you will feel transported to her native Brazil. Experience the seduction, romance and rhythm of Brazil as Eliane and her band take flight exploring the country's musical heart and soul, bringing you the rhythms of the Samba, the Bossa Nova and more.

Elias won a 2016 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album for her current release "Made in Brazil." She has sold over 2 million records to date and received 7 Grammy nominations. Audiences the world over have been amazed with her virtuosic piano playing, alluring vocals, captivating compositions, and dynamic interplay.

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