Herencia de Timbiqui

"In a big-band-like orchestra of instruments -including the bombo and marimba - influences of salsa, jazz and even funk meet folkloric roots."

- OZY Magazine

About This Show

While Colombia is often synonymous with Cumbia, the music from the Pacific Coast, like that of Herencia de Timbiqui, remains largely unexplored. Herencia de Timbiqui works to preserve the ancestral roots of the marimba de chonta, and traditional instruments such as the bombo, cununos and the guasa and combines them with a powerful band, including energetic vocals, brass, keyboards, and guitar.

Locos por Juana

Locos por Juana is a GRAMMY nominated bilingual band known for their energetic live performances and unique fusion of Caribbean funk with Latin and American rhythms. Based in Miami, the group combines musical influences from the US, the Caribbean, and Colombia to create a sound that has been described as "Island Swing". Locos por Juana