Kid Koala presents Nufonia Must Fall - LIVE

"Nufonia Must Fall is a pure delight; you can feel the audience smiling around you while experiencing this creative mix of music, theatre, film and puppetry."


About This Show

In recent years, audiences have been delighted by the excitement of film with live accompaniment. With Nufonia Must Fall LIVE we take that one step further by actually creating the film live in real time before the audience’s eyes. It is a visual and auditory smorgasbord as patrons simultaneously watch the story unfold in puppetry on miniature sets, or the musicians who recreate the soundtrack live, or simply enjoy the finished product on the big screen.

Originally a graphic novel by scratch DJ artist Kid Koala, Nufonia Must Fall tells the charming story of a lovable robot and a beautiful inventor who find each other despite themselves. The technology will amaze and the story will enchant.

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