Manual Cinema Presents ADA/AVA

"The virtuosic group makes elegant live-scored silent films that evoke sweetness, poignancy and fright."

- Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

About This Show

Nominated for a 2016 Drama Desk Award in the category of Unique Theatrical Experience!

Ada/Ava is a psychological thriller along the lines of Hitchcock's 'Vertigo', Manual Cinema's award-winning creative team discovered that by making the story about identical twins they could communicate so much about their relationship through shadow without having to use a word of dialogue. The result is partly a ghost story and suspense thriller, but also a very personal portrait of the two title characters, Ada and Ava.

There are nearly three hundred handmade shadow puppets featured in Ada/Ava. They are manipulated on old-school overhead projectors to create what is essentially a live animated film. There's no dialogue; instead, the projections are supported by an original musical score that is performed live by an ensemble of musicians.

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