Picture Character

About This Show

The rapid rise πŸ“ˆ of emoji (Japanese for "picture character") is a global 🌍 phenomenon without precedent. Their widespread use and ability to convey complex messages have not only cemented emoji's place as an emerging digital language πŸ—£, but prompted difficult questions πŸ€” about the creation of a language and digital communication's fraught ties 😣 to identity and inclusion. In PICTURE CHARACTER, Directors Martha Shane and Ian Cheney lead viewers πŸ‘€ on a deep dive into the ever evolving world of picture characters, from their humble beginnings in Japan σΎ“₯ to mobile keyboards πŸ“± the world 🌎 over, and shed fresh light πŸ’‘ on the private consortium πŸ‘₯ that approves new emoji offerings and the individuals fighting ✊ to make the language more representative of its billions of users.

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