Sybarite5: Outliers

"Their rock star status is well deserved. Their classically honed technique mixed with grit and all out passionate attack transfixes the audience"

- Sarasota Herald Tribune

About This Show

Sybarite5 is always on the lookout for new tunes and composers that speak with a unique and relevant voice. Outliers is a celebration of works written for us by our favorite composers and friends we've met traveling the world performing the music we love. Sybarite5 plays the music of Andy Akiho, William Brittelle (Future Shock), Kenji Bunch, Shawn Conley, Michael Gilbertson, Jessica Meyer, Marc Mellits, Brandon Ridenour, Steven Snowden, Aleksandra Vrebalov, and Dan Visconti paired with the group's favorite works of Armenian folk music, Piazzolla, and Radiohead.